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Peter & Traudl Markgraf
prints and serigraphies

James Parry
pen & ink drawings

Lorne Elliott
comedy MP3 tracks

Susan Jephcott
paintings and books

Joan Suzanne Salter
oil and acrylic paintings

Charles Becker
jewelry and miniatures

Heather Lowe
oil paintings

Hudson Shirts
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Peter & Traudl Markgraf

Landscapes - Vancouver Series
Signed Silkscreen Serigraphies, dimensions include the white border
free shipping in Canada and the continental United States

Abstract Works - Musical Themes
Abstract Works - Fugues Series
Landscapes - Cross-Canada Series
Landscapes - Magic islands
Landscapes - West Coast Series


West Vancouver
Artist's Proof #4/18, 22" x 30", Can $225.00



West End
Artist's Proof #7/7, 21" x 30", Can $225.00


Coal Harbour
Printer's Proof, 22" x 20", Can $225.00


First View
Printer's Proof, 20" x 21", Can $225.00


Artist's Proof #6/8, 20" x 21", Can $225.00


False Creek
Printer's Proof, 20" x 21", Can $225.00


Artist's Proof #7/8, 19" x 22", Can $225.00


English Bay
Artist's Proof #1/8, 14.5" x 26.5", Can $225.00