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Peter & Traudl Markgraf

Abstract Works - Musical Themes
Abstract Works - Fugues Series
Landscapes - Cross-Canada Series
Landscapes - Magic islands
Landscapes - Vancouver Series
Landscapes - West Coast Series

The late Peter and Traudl Markgraf developed the silk screen printing process that made them famous in their studio in Hudson, Quebec in the 1970s. By placing two colours onto the screen at once, they created a transition between the colours. It took them about two years to perfect the smooth shading that became their signature effect. They initially used the soft transitions in non-objective abstract works, but when they moved to British Columbia on Canada's West coast, they were inspired to create the landscapes for which they are known.

During a period of ten years while living on the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver, Peter and Traudl Markgraf printed about 200 editions of their own works and the regular editions (minus artist's and printer's proofs) almost all sold out. The prints dealt with West Coast landscapes, sometimes imaginary but often showing real, recognizable British Columbia scenery. A typical edition was made up of about 100 to 150 signed and numbered prints as well as ten to fifteen artist's proofs and two printer's proofs. Each print received a handwritten number at the bottom left, the title in the middle and a signature at the bottom right. Most of the remaining prints available from Gallery Plus are artist's proofs and printer's proofs from the collection of Bert Markgraf, Peter & Traudl's eldest son.


Palmetto Cove
#62/109, 19.5" x 26" - Can $225.00


Canyon Walls
#41/106, 19.5" x 26." - Can $225.00


#42/103, 19.5" x 26" - Can $225.00


North Sound
#42/105, 19.5" x 26" - Can $225.00


Lake Mead
#108/123, 19.5" x 26" - Can $225.00


Teton Range
#36.126, 19.5" x 26" - Can $225.00


Morning Breeze
Artist's Proof #11/17, 22" x 28" - Can $225.00



Summer Clouds
Artist's Proof #2/17, 22" x 28" - Can $225.00



Printer's Proof, 22" x 19" - Can $225.00


Artist's Proof #4/16, 22" x 28" - Can $225.00


Morning Light
Artist's Proof #4/18, 22" x 21" - Can $225.00



Early Spring
Printer's Proof, 19" x 22" - Can $225.00