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Joan Suzanne Salter
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Joan Suzanne Salter

The Mischief of Mice

I studied colour and design in Boston and completed art school in Quebec in the 90s.

Researching art history for accuracy in collage work and drawing/painting every day occupies my time. Of late, I am creating whimsical 5x7, multi-media pieces, many relevant to today.

I received at a solo exhibition, a comment, which delighted me, “A passionate ode, with many splendid variations, to the ‘I’ and ‘thou’ of sea and sky.”

I have joy in the pursuit of art.

J.S. Salter est née en Nouvelle-Écosse, et a étudié la couleur et le design à Boston et en France pendant 5 ans.

Elle a complété une formation de bibliothèque et a obtenu son diplôme en Arts plastiques du Collège John Abbott.