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James Parry

Pen and Ink Drawings - Crazy Critters
Pen and Ink Drawings - Fins and Feathers
Pen and Ink Drawings - Ancient Symbols

Life-long journalist and writer for both national and local newspapers and magazines in both the U.K. and Canada, passionate gardener, and worldwide traveller, Hudsonite James Parry – through his Pictorials* – has created a unique pen and ink kaleidoscopic view of the wonder and magic of nature that surrounds us. Including beautiful butterflies, crazy critters, fabulous flowers, funny fish, and fantastic fauna.

* Parry's Pen Pictorials
A view of an object (actual or imagined) as it would be seen by an observer who looks at the object either in a chosen direction or from a selected point of view.

James Parry can be reached at (450) 458-7154 or by email at